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Virus Removal

Has your computer been running slow lately? The most common cause of a slow PC tends to be viruses and malware is running on your computer without you even knowing! Do random websites and applications start on your computer without you asking? do random ads display? maybe you have a virus.



Hardware Repair

You don't have to drop your computer for the hardware to break. Sometimes old age alone certain parts of your computer can break down or cables become faulty. We have the tools and knowledge to help you find the best replacement part for you at the lowest cost possible.





Even if you don't have a problem with your PC, but still need some help learning how to use it, We can help! We understand not everyone has had access to computers their whole life. No matter how simple you might think it is. We are willing to get you on the right path.



Web Design


Along with computer and IT support. Over the last 2 years, I have been making websites just like this one for companies across Canada. This was my job during school before I was trained for IT Support. My focus for design is for simple straight to the point marketing as opposed to big corporate branding. Building connections with customers is always key and transparency is where it begins.



And at the end of the day. Sometimes your problem may not lie inside one of these categories. If it has to do with your Phone, PC, Printer, TV, etc. we can try to help. Click the "Contact Us Today" Button below to get started!



Our Story

Hello, Real Connection IT Services is an independent freelance IT Specialist. From your smartphone to your office PC's, Real Connection offers support for household devices, small business's networks, and even basic IT consulting and call support. Real Connection was created in 2020 after I graduated from Sask PolyTech with its "Computer Networking Technician" Certificate. During my schooling had an amazing opportunity to be a web developer for multiple companies across Canada. From my past qualifications and experience, I am confident in providing quality IT Services (Repair, Setups, Consulting) and extremely affordable pricing compared to other companies in the Regina Area.

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